Appia Antica

Just outside our front gate, a few steps away, you will find Appia Antica, one of Rome's most beautiful and ancient roads. If you go left you will came across many ruins and the walk will be peaceful and romantic. If on the other hand you go right you will encounter smaller monuments, a barand some small restaurants.

If you continue walking you will reach the catacombs. This is a walk we suggest you do either early in the morning or at sunset it is ideal for those who love jogging. On sundays cars are not allowedon Appia Antica and for this reason it is a popular destination for walkers.
If you love peace and quiet we suggest you go during the week.



Right in front of our house you will find the 765 bus stop which will take you directly to the A line undergraund with which you can reach the historic centre.

If you carry on towards the traffic lights in the direction of the centre you will find a supermarket on the corner which is open every day until 8 pm and sundays until 1 pm.

Just opposite you will find a bar where you can buy cigarettes and where you can have an excellent italian breakfast with cappuccino and croissant.

If you follow the road where the supermarket is without crossing over you will came across a newsagent which sells bus and underground tickets. A little further along from there you will see the 118 bus stop which will take you directly to the COLISEUM

There are 4 local restaurants: GRANI DI SALE which offers home deliverypizza service; RISTORANTE DA ANDREA which is a very small but friendly; RISTORANTE SAN TARCISIO which specialises in typical Roman cuisine; PUB BISTRO very nice and friendly place.

They are all very pleasant restaurants and offer good value for money.

Also the area is full of cafes, cake shops, mini markets, and small shops which eater for various needs. Althought if you have any particular requests or needs feel free to ask us and we will do our the best to assist you.



Undoubtedly you will already have an idea of what to see in Rome but we would like to give you some extra tips about places you want normally find in guide books. For example there is a beautiful place called GIARDINIO DEGLI ARANCI it is lovely and from there you can see Saint Peter's dome through a key hole. There is the Roman ghetto, a historic area where you will find Jewish culture and cuisine. Also Trastevere and Piazza Trilussa where you can enjoy traditional Roman food in small trattorias and pizzerias. Not restaurants, surrounded by lots of history, small shops with arts and crafts and many steet vendors making all kinds of things.

If you love cofee you should try the GRAN CAFFE' at the SANT EUSTACCHIO bar in the hart of ROME; it will be a really unusual experience.

Every sunday PORTAPORTESE market takos place.
It is big and very chaotic but it is worth visiting if you like big markets with both new and second hand things, as well as antiques and old things. If you have a good eye you can find some great bargains!
Obviously be careful with your wallets / purses and your phones!

If you feel like exploring outside Rome we suggest you visit the CASTELLI ROMANI or TIVOLI, where there is the wonderful VILLA D'ESTE. You can reach them very easily either by car or with a train from Capannelle station.



This section might seem superfluous but we would like to give you some suggestions nonetheless.
You can try some pizzain small shops which sell “pizza a taglio“, it is delicious.

Although the most unique is at the Campo dei fiori bakery.
Carbonara e amatriciana are traditional Roman pasta dishes and you can try the most original in Testaccio at DAL BUCATINO or DA GIGETTO.

In Trastevere the pizzerias and trattorias are all traditional. If you order pizza also try the suppli and the courgette flowers; these are small inexpensive starters which will take your breath away!

While still in Trastevere you should try the GRATTACHECCA of SORA MIRELLA in front of tiber island and the only one of its kind.

A little further out from the center, in the SAN GIOVANNI area, there is POMPI with the best TIRAMISU in ROME.



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